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Story of pashmina

More then thousand years ago Nepal is weaving pashmina products. Pashmina products are indigenous and unique products of Nepal. Pashmina is obtained from mountain goat called Chyangra ( Capra Hircus ) specially found above 16000 feet above sea level in places like Mustang , Bajhang, Bajura, Doti, Humla of Nepal. The test of Pashmina quality is done by its feel and warmth. It is very thinner and finest with 15 to 19 micron but Nepalese Pashmina is just 11 to 14 micron. This is the reason which makes Nepalese Pashmina very unique and very popular all over world. For making Pashmina Fiber the hair are taken from neck and under belly. The Chyangra sheds its winter coat every spring. Fleece is collect by combing not by shearing. From one Chyangra we can obtain like 80g to 170g fleece. Fleece obtain after combing process will be collected and spin to change into Pashmina fiber in different count how they wants.

Nepalese Pashmina as chyangra Pashmina

Nepalese Pashmina is trade marked as Chyangra the tags is the authenic representation of pure genuine and traditionally handmade Nepalese Pashmina products. CP fiber is made from a mountain goat called chyangra ( Capra Hircus ) which found 16000 feet above a sea level in mountains of Nepal. Its fiber is 11 to 14 micron. So we can say it is finest handmade cloth ever made Nepal has been manufacturing Pashmina products over thousands of years. The quality of Nepalese is best all in the world so, to keep its identity secure Nepal Pashmina Association (NPIA) have been create trade mark Our company manufacture very high quality of Pashmina product and you can find CP tags in our every products