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Process of Pashmina Making

a) Spinning
spinning convert continuous un twisted strand fiber into required yarn count. Traditionally spinning is being carried out spinning wheel called Charkha. Charkha change big fiber cone into small cone that fit in hands looms.

b) Weaving

Weaving is process where we can give Pashmina fiber its shape, size and fabric design. This is most time consuming and painstaking entire whole pashmina making process. The workers need to move their whole body during this process.

c) Dying

As pashmina gets its shape. It will be taken for dying where it gets its color and beauty. In this process Pashmina is deep into hot water mixed with color and moving by stick or rod and it will be taken out after only it gets into color what it need to be.

d) Mending

After pashmina gets its color and dry on sunlight it will take to next process called Mending. It is quality control department where worked check error and fix it.

e) Ironing

Mending process make Pashmina make almost ready but ironing is preparation for packaging with suitable heat. Pashmina is ironed and remove all wrinkles.

f) Packaging

It last process of Pashmina making where ironed Pashmina is packed into bags.